Hosting tiers that Future-Proof websites

Over the years, we see increased attacks and malware activity that sometimes compromise websites. This activity has pushed us to offer increased security hosting packages to Future-Proof our customer’s businesses online. We think it is essential to adopt a nurturing relationship with our customers so their online profile stands the test of time.

"It all sounds excellent, but what are thesehosting tiers going to cost me?"

Basic Hosting

Basic website hosting comes with one email address with up to 2GB of storage. This tier hosting is best suited for startup businesses looking to get going at a minimum cost. We also perform a site backup after the site launch. Clients on Basic Hosting are responsible for updating widgets, plugins and themes on Basic Hosting. A one-off fee of £350 is charged to do deep core retrieval and restore your site to its former glory if it goes down due to viruses or is hacked. Basic Hosting | £144 a yearInterested! email

Standard Hosting

With Standard Hosting, we offer a robust snapshot data recovery option should the worst ever happen. Our snapshot tool takes a virtual photo of your website every day. We can then roll the website back if a client makes an irreversible mistake or the website becomes compromised.

Updates within six hours

A team member performs plugin and system updates at the end of every calendar month. In addition, we update text and image content or add news or blog posts to the website (1hr a month). We also make sure your website has a valid SSL certificate. A website with a secure padlock helps with customer confidence and Google ranking. Future-Proof Your Business Online Standard Hosting | £30 PCMMinimum term 12 monthsInterested! email

Premiership Management

Well, this tier does what it says on the tin! Your website gets pampered management within the limits of the CMS. Our team will perform all the Standard Hosting actions mentioned.

Design on tap

Manage and populate, add text and images, and Create marketing banners/carousels to promote products/services. We enter your blog post information & build new pages as and when needed. As every website is different, we provide a cost after an initial consultation to find out what level of commitment is needed. We currently have several brands on management retainers. If you’d like to discuss this further, give us a call at 01782 557705.Premiership Hosting Client (Example)