Get a Free Logo Design with our web design Business Startup Kit. Businesses can get going on their journey with the look and feel they want with our free logo design offer. Let’s face it, branding and how our businesses look is an essential factor to consider these days. So having a logo or brand that looks the part will enhance, promote, and inspire the target market you are aiming for.

Branding can be seen as the core of a company’s values, products, services, assets or attributes in the form of identity. The identity is the visual manifestation of these values mixed with the desired personality.

So think of your business as a brand when thinking of a name and logo, so think about colour and feel and research the sector you are in. Look at what other successful businesses like yours are doing for inspiration. It’s a blank canvas, there for you to re-invent your product or service. Enjoy it, and take your time.

Our Experience

My journey started all those years back with a Princes Youth Trust grant (long live the king!). I purchased my first computer, which helped me to design my first promotional flyer and build my businesses, Juice Creative and Freeside Media Ltd. I built my business connections slowly whilst working as a designer for large corporates and later in Manchester Design agencies, learning my craft from the best. Now I work for myself, and I have never looked back. It’s Great!

This package will save you money. The Juice Creative web design business startup kit; is made for business start-ups and SMEs. It will help create a consistent brand and marketing message across online channels, social media, website graphics or print-related material. If you want to use Squarespace or Wix, No problem, we can help build your graphics to work with these products.

Starting a business is a risk, but hey! You only live once – live it to the full. Let’s GO!!

Cyril Lyons
Creative Director