Product Packaging & Branding

Branding and packaging are two of the most important aspects of any product. A strong brand can make a product successful, while great packaging can make a product stand out as the go-to brand on store shelves.Branding is key to creating a connection with consumers. It helps them to understand what a product is and what it represents. A well-branded product will be instantly recognisable, which can help to increase consumer trust.Packaging is also important, as it can be the first thing consumers see when considering a purchase. Good packaging can make a product more appealing and help to differentiate it from the competition. It is also crucial for protecting products during shipping and storage.

When it comes to branding, it is essential to create a unique and memorable logo and tagline. The logo should be easy to remember, and the slogan should be catchy. The colours and fonts used in the branding should also be consistent across all marketing materials.Packaging is also important. It is the first thing customers see when they come into contact with your product. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the packaging looks good, is eye-catching and communicates your brand's message. The packaging should also be durable and protect the product inside.

Featured Project | SASauces

Packaging Design

As the SA Sauce brand becomes more popular, there is an increasing demand for product packaging, point of sale (POS), retail barkers and promotional material. This demand is the perfect opportunity for Juice Creative to flex its design and print muscles. We worked on a number of items the brand requested to enhance its foray into artisan food retail. Juice your product or service |

Featured Project | Green Beans

Toy & Book Packaging

We have been busy working with an amazing children's development and educational brand called Green Beans. We have worked on toy packaging, Book Sleeves, event promotion graphics, kites, gift sets & Games & Puzzles. We have been stretching our creative juices, creating new characters and bringing them to life with animation.Inject life into your products or brand |